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Give Your Gift of Money for #OurCommonCalvert

Help Bring a Peace Agent to Calvert, Maryland

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#OurCommonCalvert and Peace Through Action to Collaborate

Calvert County in Transition

Calvert County in southern Maryland continues to experience demographic and cultural shifts that have not been without consequence. Tensions between subgroups of the population, such as longer-term and newer residents, have surfaced and are deeply felt. Certainly not to be overlooked are the inequities experienced by the county’s African American residents and which can be traced back to the county’s participation in slavery, but also to the attitudes of White residents who have moved into the county from suburban areas.

#OurCommonCalvert Responds

In 2015 leaders of several churches and community organizations concluded that time had arrived to address squarely the deep hurts and divisions of too many Calvert County residents. They started #OurCommonCalvert.

In just four years since its founding #OurCommonCalvert has established itself as a proven leader, bringing Calvert community members together for learning, dialogue, and organizing action. The community leaders are accomplishing their work thus far without a formal structure, governing body, or staff.

Enter Peace Through Action USA

#OurCommonCalvert has invited Peace Through Action USA, a national group, to help them grow by assigning a compensated national service participant to them. The peace agent will help #OurCommonCalvert transition to a formal community-based organization and increase scale and reach of its community member engagement, particularly its youth leadership development and mentoring activities. Learn more about our plans here.

Give a Gift of Money for a Peace Agent for Calvert County

#OurCommonCalvert and Peace Through Action USA invite residents of Calvert County and the southern Maryland area, local businesses, service clubs, religious congregations, community and family foundations, and others to give gifts of money so that we may secure and pay a servant leader to dedicate effort to Calvert County. Please give generously, here online or by sending a check to Peace Through Action USA, PO Box 73466, Washington DC 20056-3466.

#OurCommonCalvert strives to develop leadership across generations, build relationships within our diverse community, and unify organized action in Calvert County, Maryland.

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