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Give Your Gift of Money for Peace

Contribute to Our #PeaceBeginsWithWe Campaign to Increase Peace in the United States

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Be Peace. Choose Peace. Create Peace.

Peace Through Action USA has a vision, a strategy, a plan, and a need.

Our VisionA nation abundant with peaceful people applying peaceful practices and creating peaceful places.

Our StrategyActivate and equip Americans to implement practical peaceful solutions to aggression and violence in their communities and our country.

Our Plan—Encourage Americans to take practical actions to increase peace in their homes, places of work, learning, and worship, and neighborhoods; Support compensated servant leaders to collaborate with local organizations to develop and implement community peace projects.

Our NeedYOU! Not all of us can serve for peace. But each of us can support someone else who can—by donating to Peace Through Action USA. Your financial gift is imperative for building our network of community peace projects and compensated servant leaders.

P.S. Help Peace Through Action USA build our social proof by writing a note for the donor scroll when making your donation and by sharing this call to action with your networks. All are welcome into our #PeaceBeginsWithWe campaign.

Peace Through Action USA is a national-scope, charitable, civic and social capital-building organization. Learn more about us at our website, on social media, or by email. |

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